Hiring Process

All Candidates must submit an application. Applications will be reviewed for completeness and adherence to instructions. Applications will be reviewed by a Chief Officer and /or the Chair of the Oral Board. **Note – One location will be designated as the application collection point. **

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The same applies if an applicant has not followed all instruction. Applications will be checked against the Automatic Disqualification list.

Applicants will take a written and a physical agility test (timed and pass / fail test) during the Hiring Process. Details on the testing will be announced at the time of the Hiring Process. Applicants must pass both tests to be considered for an Oral Interview. Oral Interview – Applicants will be interviewed by an Oral Interview Board which will consist of five Department members: one firefighter, one engineer, Lieutenant, and two District Chiefs.

Each applicant will be asked the same series of ten questions. Oral Board Members will score each question between 1 (least satisfactory) and 5 (most satisfactory.

The high & low score for each applicant will not be taken into consideration. The remaining three scores will be averaged to obtain the applicant’s oral board score. The highest total of possible points will be 50.

Test Scoring

Candidates who pass both the written exam, physical agility and the oral interview will receive a composite score based on the written questions and an oral interview.

Bonus Points

Each Candidate will be eligible for the following Bonus Points with a maximum of 9 points if the candidates have more than one of the listed categories below:

Active Department Members / Part Time Employees will receive two points during the hiring process if the have continuous service for at least one year.

Former Full Time Employees – Applicants who were previously employed by Travis County EDS No. 9 within two years are eligible to receive two points to be added to their overall score providing that the applicant left Travis County ESD No. 9 in good standing.

Military Points – Two points shall be added to the overall score of an applicant who served in the United States Armed Forces for a minimum of two years and received an honorable discharge. The applicant must present proper documentation.

Medical Certification

Two points shall be added to the overall score of an applicant who holds current certification equal to or greater than an Emergency Medical Technician Intermediate from Texas Department of State Health Services and/or Advanced Emergency Medical Technician from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. The applicant must present proper documentation.

One point will be added for any applicant who is Office of the Medical Director (OMD) Clinical Operating Guideline (COG) cleared to practice in Travis County as a minimum at the intermediate or advanced level.

Eligibility and Ranking

The grade to be placed on the eligibility list for each applicant shall be computed by adding the applicant’s points – Written Exam + Bonus Points + Oral Board Score = Ranking.

Final Interview with the Fire Chief

The applicants will have a final interview with the Fire Chief before being accepted or offered a conditional offer of employment. The Chief will interview from a list that corresponds with the number of positions that are open plus three additional candidates.

A Chief Officer, who is not on the Oral Board, will present the Fire Chief with a summary of the applicants compiled score sheets to be interviewed.

If the Department is going through the hiring process to obtain a hiring list for a paid position (with no positions open at this time), the interviews to be conducted by the Fire Chief will be put on “hold” until a position becomes available.

Conditional Offer to Hire

Individuals receiving a conditional offer to hire must successfully complete several additional employment process components including:

  • Criminal Background Investigation
  • NFPA 1582 Medical Physical