Job Descriptions


    A Firefighter shall:

    • Be responsible to the assigned Company Officer.
    • Respond to all alarms and other emergencies within assigned company.
    • Extinguish and prevent fires and make inspections of fire risks as directed.
    • Participate in drills, fire prevention, and other Department training activities.
    • Learn to drive, pump and maintain fire apparatus.
    • Keep the apparatus, equipment, and tools in good working order.
    • Know the location of all tools and appliances on the apparatus.
    • Keep station and premises neat and clean.
    • Have a thorough working knowledge of the company response territory, streets, street numbers, hydrants, pre‑planned set‑ups, standpipes, sprinkler systems, etc.
    • Maintain a courteous and cordial working relationship with all personnel of the Department and with the public.
    • Assume all duties and responsibilities of the Company Engineer when assigned to this position.
    • Be acquainted with the operation of the assigned apparatus, including but not limited to pumps and pumping operations, aerial ladders, hydraulic systems, foam and dry chemical extinguishing devices, tools, appliances, and equipment that may be used and/or operated.
    • Participate and encourage participation in the Department Firefighter Fitness Initiative Program.
    • Maintain a positive attitude when working.
    • Ensure all safety regulations are strictly enforced.
    • Perform such other duties as required.